Morgère to promote trawl door range at Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2022
Morgère to promote trawl door range at Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2022

Morgère will be attending the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2022 (8 – 10 June), promoting its versatile Exocet and Osprey trawl doors.

Morgère is already well established as a supplier of Exocet trawl doors to Icelandic skippers, who have been particularly impressed by the robustness and stability offered by these powerful doors, combined with the reduced drag that benefits fuel consumption. 

The semi-pelagic Osprey trawl door, which fishes on and just off the seabed, also delivers excellent results and is well suited for Icelandic fisheries.

This will be the third time Morgère has attended the Icelandic Fishing Expo, which will be held at Smárinn, Fifan Halls Kópavogur, Iceland, and will showcase some of the latest equipment and innovation in the fishing industry today.

Morgére is represented by their agent, Isfell, in Iceland and Pascal Reverseau of Morgére will be present on their stand at the expo where he will be delighted to meet with skippers to explain the considerable fishing benefits offered by the Exocet and Osprey doors.

Pascal Reverseau said: “We have a long tradition of supplying high-performing trawl doors to Icelandic fishermen and at the expo we look forward to highlighting the versatile demersal and semi-pelagic fishing solutions that we have developed.”

The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition (Icefish) is a must-attend event for all commercial fisheries organisations and associated businesses. Icefish hosts the latest developments from the industry showcasing new and innovative products and services, covering every aspect of the commercial fishing industry from catching and locating to processing and packaging, right through to marketing and distribution of the final product. 

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